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Himmelfisk  - Boulevarden 34


Brdr. Sørensen Møbler

Kalejdoskop / Kalejdoskop byHand -
webshop -



Grundahl - Jernbanegade 10



Trip Trap - Aalborg


Fru Ronne - Urbansgade 30

Vibeke Nøddebo - Jens Bangs Gade 4








You’ve just left the DOK#1 design and crafts festival on the square at Toldbod Plads and are now standing on Nytorv, the square in the heart of Aalborg. Set off by walking past a couple of the city’s charming old buildings – the former merchant residence, Jens Bangs Stenhus, and Det Gl. Rådhus, which is the old town hall – and you’re on your way up Boulevarden, where you’ll find Himmelfisk. The shop is a treasure trove for anyone who loves colourful and imaginative clothes and interior fashions with a twist.


If minimalist design and furniture by designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Frits Hansen and Eames are more your scene, then head for Danmarksgade and Brdr. Sørensen Møbler, which has a good choice of both modern and classic brands. ”Minimalist” is also the buzzword at Kalejdoskop in Møllegade. Here you can find furniture, wallpaper, textiles and applied art – and a number of fun, stylish items that are perfect for a child’s bedroom. Then take a shortcut through Hjelmerstald, Aalborg’s most delightful and off-beat street, which features townhouses from the 17th century, and follow the pedestrian precinct to Aalborg’s newest shopping centre, Friis. This new shopping centre contains a wide range of exciting shops selling everything from clothes to bags and glasses. If applied art is what you’re after, then Villa Collection and Bahne are able to offer fine brands and enticing special offers.

Before leaving the eastern end of Aalborg’s shopping area, make sure you don’t miss out on a visit to Nordkraft – Aalborg’s former power station, which is now laid out as a multi-purpose centre of culture. In addition to a wealth of exciting things on offer within art & culture (see page 102), you’ll find the brand new shop, Nordcraft, which sells hand-picked, one-off handicrafts in glass, ceramics, jewellery and knitwear. Perfect gifts for indulging yourself or giving others a treat.







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