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form|knast (D)


True to the slogan „We are hungry for Design“ the productdesign-duo Martha and Matthias started their own business - by founding the design agency form|knast. The german words „knast haben“ are translated with “being hungry“ - hungry for something new, exciting and innovative – especially for products.

In the centre point of form|knast are the fascinating and diversified concepts. If you take a closer look at the design of this agency – you will discover the richness of many different topics and ideas. The product range of the young designers is reflecting the tagline „Difference is the new good“. Objects and concepts provide, besides product-oriented effectivity and user friendliness, added values - and a lot of fun. The topic „Well-laid table“ is frequently returning and is getting translated into new and refreshing ideas - but they also enjoy being challenged on different projects, in the sectors of Home and Living.

The Design is distinct and reduced - but never boring. Let creativity flow, focus on refreshing ideas, create varied concepts, customize customer requirements and last but not least have a lot of fun with the products.






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